An unique pasta

The secret of A UNIQUE PASTA

The transformation of durum wheat semolina in pasta is done in Gragnano, where the production of pasta is a form of art.The unique characteristics of the location, along with a production method that uses only bronze dies, and a slow, low temperature drying process, give our pasta the characteristic roughness and porosity, that allows the condiments to hold to it and enhance the flavours of our local tradition.

The simple taste


Organic Topinambur

Farmed with care and passion in carefully selected agricultural lands, our Topinambur in numbered among the highest quality organic products, and stands out to those present on the international market.


Extruded through bronze dies


Certified quality


Our organic products obtained the ORGANIC / BIO certification from the “Institute for ethical and environmental certification” (ICEA) thank to the exclusive use of 100% Italian organic wheat and to the unique organoleptic characteristics. Moreover, the milling process is done in an “ancient” mill that uses a cold milling process, to produce a semolina that leaves intact all of the nutritious properties of wheat, and creates a unique product.

Download here the certification of conformity for our ORGANIC / BIO products
Download here the analysis done on our pasta by the ACCREDIA qualified laboratories.
Download here the analysis done on our Topinambur BIO based products.
Download here the analysis certifying the absence of pesticide residues.

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